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Being your independant trusted third party

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Il est important de respecter quelques principes de base.
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Our commitments
1 Analyse the photos of your second hand luxury items and securing your second hand purchases.
2 Conduct our business objectively Independence and professionalism
3 Delivering opinions Without having any financial interest other than the posted price of our service, whatever the outcome of our expertise
4 Do not trade second hand luxury items
5 Deliver by email The result of your analysis according to the deadline you have chosen while registering your authentication request
6 Send your certificate by post the day of the notice given
7 Reimburse you 20% from the price of unit for any exeeding time limit
8 Preserving your anonymity, by not disclosing your contact information / Information provided during our exchanges
9 Answer your questions within a maximum reasonable time of 24h00
10 Be and stay tuned