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What are your rights in the event of non-compliant purchases, fraud or counterfeits? Authentifier.com gives you the keys to a successful second-hand luxury purchase.

What is a non-compliant purchase?

An article is said to be non-compliant when it does not correspond to the description given and the qualities described by the seller, or if it does not present the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect from such a product (article L. 211-5 of the Consumer Code).

How to know if it's a luxury item or a counterfeit? genuine or fake ?

The question is simple, the answer is quite complex, you will read manufacturing principles and a lot of nonsense everywhere.

The number of fashion items put on the market since the 1920s has risen to several hundred thousand items across all brands. As a result, some luxury brands have a heritage department that works to reconstitute it

all the collections, the work is colossal and often involves several people because the houses are and have been so creative

Therefore, we recommend that you get help, preferably from someone who is not interested in selling your item in order to get the most objective opinion possible, and you can always try to get a second opinion.

Can I resell a counterfeit?

No, it is strongly discouraged to do so, the penalties can be heavy.

How can I prove that the item received is not genuine?

There are several means available to you:

- The authentifier.com site can provide you with certificates of non-compliance following an assessment of a product.

- You can contact the company operating the brand of the product that has been counterfeited. This company can be of great help and guide you through the procedure to follow.

- Some brands, which are quite rare, provide direct access on their site to a section dedicated to counterfeits, allowing products to be authenticated and fraud to be denounced.

If my purchase is a counterfeit, what do I risk? Can my object be grabbed ? Can I lose my money?

You own an infringing article which is illegal. Depending on the conditions under which you became the owner, the consequences may be more or less significant.

Can I file a complaint if I bought a counterfeit without knowing it?

Yes of course, but in order for it to be retained and not be dismissed, you must observe and apply the observations below:

Do not hesitate to ask the seller for more information by email with the option of acknowledgment of receipt of the email checked with questions like:

  • Does he have an invoice for the item?
  • Where did he buy the item ?
  • Ask him to provide you with photos of the item with different shots
  • Specify in this e-mail that in any case you do not want to buy a counterfeit article


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I am considering purchasing your item X (description, ad references, etc.). The authenticity of this item is for me its essential quality. In the event of a purchase from me, if it were subsequently revealed to me that this quality was lacking, I would consider myself the victim of an error in substance within the meaning of Article 1110 of the Civil Code.

Yours sincerely

It goes without saying that only the public prosecutors in France are authorized to classify or not without further action your complaint.

Depending on your prejudice, we recommend that you contact a lawyer in your place of residence who is the most qualified to provide you with advice on the matter. If necessary, we will send you the contact details of the Chairman from whom you can obtain the list or the free consultations organized.

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