The Paypal guarantee

The certificates are recognized by paypal.

How to get reimbursed by Paypal?

Paypal is an online payment method worldwide known and offered on many e-commerce websites. It offers to secure your purchases, in particular in the context of the fight against counterfeiting.

Whether it's a second-hand purchase or a new item, too many fakes are sold on the internet every day. There are remedies for getting reimbursed.

The certificates are recognized by paypal to get reimbursed in the event of counterfeiting
Buying a counterfeit with Paypal

Fight against counterfeiting

Authenticity analysis of your purchase

Make your claim count

Refund with your Paypal claim number

Show your good faith

If you think you have purchased a counterfeit item, which you have paid with Paypal, you can request a refund
Our services perform a photo analysis and provide you with a certificate allowing you to obtain a refund for your purchase.
All you need to do is request an analysis and tell us your PP complaint number: XXX XXX XXX. We will then send your certificate directly to the PayPal service.