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Far too many counterfeits are sold every day on the internet. How to get reimbursed?



The one and only way to be sure to buy an authentic luxury item from Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermès


What are your rights in case of non-compliant purchase, fraud ...? gives you the keys to a successful purchase


What are your rights in case of non-compliant purchase, fraud ...? gives you the keys to a successful purchase

Transportation / Delivery

What remedies do I have when I realize that I received a non-conforming or defective item

- Appeal against the deliverer

If the item is damaged at delivery and you still agree to receive it, It is very important to mention the defects on the delivery note. It will be necessary to indicate precisely what are the degradations and / or deficiencies and not stick to general reservations.

If you couldn't do it. A letter with acknowledgment of receipt should be sent to the delivery company within three days.

- Appeal against professional vendor

In case that none of the above mentioned steps have been respected, you will no longer have recourse against the deliverer but you can always make an exchange request with the seller. Indeed, the legal guarantee of conformity allows you to require the replacement of the product or its repair (article L.211-9 of the Consumer Code).

Also, if after opening the package, you realize that the items ordered are not compliant or are defective, you may require replacement on the basis of the legal guarantee of conformity. Repair and exchange costs are the responsibility of the seller (article L.211-11of the consumer code).

The legal guarantee of conformity can be invoked during the two years of the issuance of the property.But you have interest in acting within the first six months as the defect shall be presumed to exist on the date of issue. Beyond that, it will be up to you to prove it.

My package is empty : what do I need to do ?

If you notice that some or all parts of your order have not been delivered, the legal warranty of conformity allows you to require a reshipment

According to the law, all repair and exchange costs are the responsibility of the professional (Article L.211-11 of the Consumer Code). If the product you purchased is not available, you must be informed about it and be able to be refunded within 30 days of your payment.

Do I systematically write reservations on the delivery slip?

You don't, reservations should be entered on the delivery note only if, after checking the condition of the package and its contents, you find that the product in question is damaged or incomplete.

If you have no reserves to issue at the time of delivery, you can still do it within 3 days of the delivery date, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the carrier.

What precautions should I take when I receive my package?

When receiving an order, always make sure to check the condition of the package and its contents, and this even if the driver refuses this check.

Above all, we must not be influenced by a delivery man who says he is in a hurry. Mentions like "subject to unpacking" have no legal value. If the command shows abnormalities, you can refuse delivery or annotate the delivery note that you must sign. If you couldn't do it, a letter with acknowledgment of receipt should be sent within three days of delivery to the delivery company.

Deadline and retraction

Do I have a time limit to challenge my purchase from an individual ?

In the context of distance selling between two individuals, the provisions of the Consumer Code do not apply. Thus, you do not have the withdrawal period of 7 clear days from receipt of the item. (article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code).

On some online sales sites, there are professional vendors reported as such. The protective regulation of consumer law aims to protect consumers from professional sellers and not consumers from other consumers.

Do I have a time limit to challenge my purchase from a shop?

In principle, no.

The law does not provide for a withdrawal period for the consumer in case of purchase in store.

You can not demand anything from the seller since the deed of sale is said to be firm and definitive, but this does not prevent some shops from offering their customers a longer lead time. You must inquire before purchasing.

I buy from a professional on the Internet or in shop: do I have the right to a period of retraction?

It is necessary to distinguish the distance selling from the sale in shop. For distance selling, the Consumer Code establishes a legal deadline of 7 clear days

If the purchaser withdraws, he is not required to give reasons or pay penalties (subject to possible return costs). The seller can offer a longer time to his customers (exchanged or refunded within 30 days for example).

In the shop, there is no period of retraction, unless the seller undertakes to offer one to his customers.

What are the letter-types to send to cancel a sale?

There is no standard letter when you do not need to justify your withdrawal in the event of purchase from a professional, a simple request to cancel the sale is enough. However, you can use the following template:

Mrs, Mr

Following the purchase of (specify item purchased) as of (specify date of order),in compliance with the law, I wish to use my seven-day withdrawal period and have the sale canceled

Consequently, I kindly ask you to proceed to the refund of my order corresponding to the sum of (specify in euros).

In anticipation of your reply, please accept, Madam, Sir, the assurance of my consideration.

The professonal seller doesn't want to refund me

In the case of online sales, the professional seller is legally obliged to reimburse the buyer if the request takes place before the expiry of the period of 7 days following the reception of the order.

After expiry of this period and for cases of direct sale in the shop, you should agree with the seller. If not, it is always possible to bring a judicial action. But to succeed, it takes a good reason : proove that the product sold does not match the description promised by the seller, that there was an "error on substance" (Article 1110 of the Civil Code) Or proove that there is a hidden defect: a vice which was not apparent and of which the purchaser could not convince himself (Article 1642 of the Civil Code).

Compliance and authenticity of purchases

What is a non-compliant purchase?

An item is said to be non-compliant when it does not correspond to the description given and the qualities described by the seller or when It does not present the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect from such a product (Article L.211-5 of the Consumer Code).

How to know if it is a luxury item or a counterfeit? fake or genuine

The question is simple, the answer is quite complex, you will read everywhere principles of manufacturing and a lot of nonsense

The number of fashion items put on the market since the 1920s is several hundred thousand articles on the set of brands. Therefore some luxury brands have a service heritage that is working to reconstitute

the whole collections the work is huge and often involves many people as the houses are and have been so much creative,

Therefore, we recommend that you be assisted, preferably by a person not interested in selling your item in order to have a more objective opinion, and you can always try to get a second opinion.

Can I resell a counterfeit?

No it is strongly not recommended to do so, sanctions can be heavy.

How to prove that the received item is not genuine?

There are several means at your disposal :

The site can provide you with attestations of non-conformity as a result of an expertise of a product.

-You can contact the company operating the brand of the product that has been infringed. This company can be of invaluable help and guide you in the procedure to follow.

- Some rare stores give direct access on their site to a section dedicated to counterfeits, enabling authentication of products and reporting fraud.

If my purchase is a counterfeit what do I risk ? Can my item be grabbed ? Can I lose my money ?

You hold an infringing article that is illegal. Depending on the conditions in which you have become owners, the consequences can be more or less consistent

Can I file a complaint if I bought a counterfeit without knowing it?

Yes of course you can, but in order that it can be retained and not be classified without follow-up you must observe and imperatively apply the observations below:

Do not hesitate to ask the seller for more information by email with checked option acknowledged receipt of the email with questions like :

  • Does he have an invoice of the item ?
  • Where did he buy it ?
  • Ask him to provide you with pictures of the object with different shots
  • Specify in this e-mail that in any case you do not want to buy a counterfeit item


Dear Mrs, dear Sir,

I am considering the purchase of your X object (description, ad references ...). The authenticity of this article is for me its essential quality. In the event of a purchase by me, if it were subsequently revealed to me that this quality was lacking, I would consider myself to be the victim of an error on the substance within the meaning of Article 1110 of the Civil Code.

Yours sincerely

It goes without saying that only prosecutors in France are entitled to classify or not follow up your complaint.

According to your prejudice, we recommend that you contact a lawyer in your place of residence who is the most qualified to advise you on the matter. If necessary, we will send you the contact details of the Bâtonnier with whom you can obtain the list or the free organized consultations


How can I get reimbursed ?

If you have used Paypal as a payment method, you only have to create a dispute as stipulated in Paypal 's Terms and Conditions as part of the protection of purchasers, if you think you are a victim of a counterfeit purchase.