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Doubts about the authenticity of the conformity of your Gucci bag or the one you want to buy? Authentifier,is a 100% online service, with a certificate of compliance


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Check its compliance


Before purchase
Check the compliance of an ad

Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

A 100% online service

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All certificates of compliance or non-compliance issued by Authentifier include justified reasons.

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How do we check the authenticity of the conformity of your Gucci bag?

The Authenticate algorithm examines the photos of your Gucci bag

1The photos make it possible to highlight each index of conformity.

2The tests reveal the presence or absence of the know-how of luxury craftsmen.

Then, the program sends a preliminary notice to the analysts

Millions of photos are compared with those of your second-hand branded accessory in seconds to make a preliminary opinion.

Our analysts validate product compliance

The result of the preliminary opinion is checked by our team of analysts in order to establish the authenticity of your Gucci bag.

Then you receive your certificate of conformity

All certificates of compliance or non-compliance with reasons issued by our services allow you to assert your rights as a buyer or seller.

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Our photo expertise methods to identify the expertise of the Gucci house on the photographed bag

The know-how of our analysts
Our analysts take a keen look at your Gucci bags and luxury items to highlight the presence or absence of your brand's craftsmanship. We take into account the following elements: materials, serial numbers, seams, labels, punches, markings…
AI in our lab
Our research and development department is actively working in implementing new robust algorithms to analyze the authenticity of compliance of more products from luxury houses.

Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

Loyal Gucci customers trust us to authenticate the conformity of their second-hand luxury items

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Questions answers

May I know which Gucci accessories are authenticated by your services?


The authentication of Gucci bags and luxury items covers the following fashion accessories: Gucci bags and clutches, luggage, shoes, glasses, jewellery, Gucci watches, wallets, belts, scarves, ties, hats, Gucci gloves.

What do you need to verify the authenticity of the conformity of Gucci bags and luxury items present on Vinted, Facebook, leboncoin or Vestiaire Collective?


Do you have the accessory? Send us six quality photos of your luxury item. Our analysts study in detail the seams, the signature, the label and the finishes. You will then receive a certificate of conformity. In the event of counterfeiting being detected, we will send you a reasoned certificate of non-compliance in order to grant you the possibility of obtaining a refund.

There is an unmissable opportunity on my favorite site, how do I know if the Gucci bag I saw on the web is authentic?


Approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, our laboratory works to authenticate your second-hand or second-hand fashion accessories. The sales ad contains elements that allow us to verify its conformity: the text, its relevance, the advertiser's photos and various clues revealing an authentic or counterfeit product. Following this first analysis, you will obtain a preliminary notice of compliance.

When you receive the purchased item, you will provide us with the images you have taken so that we can certify the authenticity of your Gucci bag.

How can I know with certainty the authenticity of the Gucci bag that I am about to buy?


If your Gucci bag or other luxury items are not purchased from the brand's store or its official website, you might find yourself in a risky situation. Faced with counterfeits that abound on the market, our team of analysts helps you verify the authenticity of the product.

How to authenticate a Gucci bag by yourself?


Authentication requires years of expertise, the presence of an invoice or a certificate from the house sent by a third-party seller is no guarantee of quality or veracity. Our team of analysts combines its forces with the artificial intelligence of our research laboratory to issue a notice of compliance regarding your acquisition. Approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Authentifier is there to support you in your quest for Gucci bag authentication from A to Z.