How to check the authenticity of the conformity of your Lancel bag online?

Do you have a second-hand Lancel bag or want to buy one? Doubts about the authenticity of the conformity of your article? Quickly receive your compliance certificate thanks to Authentifier analysts.


After purchase or before sale
Check its compliance


Before purchase
Check the compliance of an ad

Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

A 100% online service

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Nominative certificate

Legal coverage

Certificate of compliance or non-compliance

All certificates issued by Authentifier are reasoned.

Online checking

Our method to authenticate the conformity of your second-hand Lancel bag

Our laboratory combines artificial intelligence and human expertise

1The photos of your Lancel bag and luxury items are analyzed to check the conformity of your products or the presence of a counterfeit.

2We carry out tests to confirm the presence of craftsmanship and authenticate your second-hand Lancel bag.

A preliminary notice of compliance

The AI ​​analyzes millions of images in less than a minute in order to issue a preliminary opinion as to the authenticity of the conformity of your Lancel bag.

Our analysts validate the inspection

Our analysts confirm or deny the authentication of your Lancel bag and luxury items based on specific criteria.

You receive your certificate of conformity in a few hours

Finally, our experienced team will give a favorable or unfavorable opinion on the conformity of your Lancel bag. We are constantly updating our knowledge of checking luxury brands.

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Use our services to certify the authenticity of your Lancel bag

The human expertise of Authentifier
Our team of experienced analysts detects the conformity indices of your Lancel bag and luxury items. We scrutinize every detail: codes, hologram stickers, markings, closures, labels, seams...
Combined with artificial intelligence
To ensure quality service, our R&D team is developing new algorithms to take into account more products and brands.

Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

Lancel customers trust us to authenticate the conformity of their second-hand or second-hand luxury items

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Questions ?

Which Lancel accessories do we authenticate?

Our service covers the authentication of the following second-hand Lancel bags and items: Lancel bags, purses, Lancel cases, other small leather goods accessories, key rings, sunglasses, belts, jewellery, scarves and headbands Lancel silk, scarves and neckerchiefs.

What should I provide for your authentication services for Lancel luxury bags and items when I buy them on Vinted, leboncoin, Vestiaire Collective or Facebook?

We need some quality images taken from different angles to analyze the details, the signature, the seams… The Authentifier analysts will then be able to confirm the authenticity of your Lancel product. You will get a certificate of compliance. If your Lancel bag or other accessory turns out to be a counterfeit, you will receive a reasoned certificate of non-compliance to assert your rights.

I want to buy a second-hand Lancel bag, how can I check its authenticity?

Do not hesitate to submit the ad on which you spotted the item of your dreams. We combine artificial intelligence and human expertise in our laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation for a complete analysis of the relevance of the advertisement and the conformity of the photos. You will quickly receive a preliminary notice.

When your package arrives, take a picture of the item and send us these images so that we can confirm the notice of compliance given in the previous step. You will promptly receive either a certificate of conformity or a certificate of non-compliance allowing you to return your purchase or obtain a refund from Paypal.

How can I be sure that the Lancel bag or branded accessories that I buy second-hand are authentic?

It is recommended to buy directly from one of the Lancel stores or from their official website, because buying a luxury item from a third-party site or a second-hand store may be subject to counterfeiting. However, our team of compliance analysts is at your service to avoid such pitfalls!

How can I verify the authenticity of the conformity of a second-hand Lancel bag on my own?

Receiving an invoice from Lancel communicated by a third-party seller is not synonymous with authenticity, it is best to protect yourself against counterfeiting by using a professional verification service. For this purpose, you could use Authentifier. Issuing a certificate of conformity requires significant expertise that our team of analysts and our artificial intelligence laboratory have in terms of authentication of branded products.