Check the authenticity of your second-hand Louis Vuitton bag.

You own or wish to buy a second-hand Louis Vuitton bag and want to have it authenticated? Receive your certificate of conformity in a few hours with Authentifier, human analysis combined with the best of artificial intelligence.


After purchase or before sale
Check its compliance


Before purchase
Check the compliance of an ad
Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

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Certificate of compliance or non-compliance

All our certificates of non-conformity are always justified.

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How do we check your second hand Louis Vuitton bag?

Our algorithm analyzes 6 photos of your Louis Vuitton bag

1Our Algorithms Analyze Your Photos

2They identify the presence of the know-how of luxury houses.

The program issues a preliminary opinion

The program analyzes millions of photos in a few seconds to give a preliminary opinion of conformity

Our analysts validate the analysis

Our analysts confirm the results of all treatments.

You receive your certificate of compliance or non-compliance

The certificate of non-conformity is always justified

The analyses are rendered according to the level of knowledge to date and continuously updated.

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Human expertise and artificial intelligence to authenticate your Louis Vuitton bag

Our Know-how
Our teams of analysts verify the presence of the know-how of luxury employees and craftsmen, according to very specific criteria. Every detail is examined: labels, punches, seams, closures, materials, markings, codes and hologram stickers...
The artificial intelligence
Also, in order to always provide a better quality service, our research team is constantly developing new algorithms that are even more robust and more varied in order to cover more and more products and brands.
Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

Our Louis Vuitton customers trust us to authenticate their accessories

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Some questions ?

Which Louis Vuitton accessories do we authenticate?


Our R&D service of authentication photo analysis of second-hand products from the Louis Vuitton brand concerns all the brand's bags and suitcases as well as scarves, squares, belts, Louis Vuitton shoes, small leather goods, Louis Vuitton purses and Louis Vuitton fashion jewellery.

What do I need to check the authenticity of my Louis Vuitton bag purchased on Vinted, leboncoin, cloakroom collective, Facebook?


If you have the accessory in question, all you have to do is take 6 quality photos showing the details, finishes, seams, signatures in an obvious way (from all angles) and submit them to ourconformity checker.

If you do not have yet the Louis Vuitton item (you are about to buy), please submit the ads to us. We will then analyze them using the same principle (artificial intelligence combined with human analysis).

I want to buy a used Louis Vuitton bag, how can I check its conformity?


By using our imaging and artificial intelligence laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, we are able to verify the conformity of the Louis Vuitton bag you wish to acquire by analyzing the seller's ad.

We make a complete analysis of the ad, the text, the state, the conformity through the shots of the article according to the photos present and/or absent but also with the relevance of the description written by the advertiser. Finally, we send you a prior notice to allow you to position yourself and negotiate with the seller with full safety in advance

Once purchased, upon receipt of your package, you will send us your own photos to check if they match with that of the ad and confirm the conformity of your purchase. Thus, you will then get a certificate of conformity or, if applicable, of non-compliance, in order to be able to return your purchase or be reimbursed by PayPal.

How to be sure to buy an Authentic Louis Vuitton bag?


To be sure of the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton item, it is recommended to go to the Louis Vuitton website or to one of their stores to make your purchases.

Buying without being accompanied on a site or a second-hand shop involves a significant risk

Our compliance analysis service is adapted to this situation. It aims to prevent you from having bad experiences with counterfeits. In particular, it will demonstrate your intention not to want to buy a counterfeit and your respect for your favorite brand.

How do I authenticate a used or second-hand Louis Vuitton bag myself?


Even if you are presented with an invoice or a certificate from the house, we advise you to check with an independent third party, to use our services for example. Indeed, being able to issue a notice of compliance requires the expertise that we have developed in our laboratory, in particular thanks to artificial intelligence, but also via our analysts who have several decades of experience in the field of Louis Vuitton bag authentication, and other brands.