Authenticate the conformity of your Prada bag

How can we be sure that the second-hand Prada bag that we have in our possession is not an imitation? Authentifier verifies the authenticity of the compliance of your luxury item


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Check its compliance


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Check the compliance of an ad
Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

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We send you a certificate of conformity or non-conformity by name with reasons.

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How do we check your second-hand Prada bag?

Reviewing photos of your Prada bag

1To check if the know-how of Prada craftsmen is anchored in the design of your Prada bag

AI generates a preliminary opinion

Algorithms detect counterfeits by comparing a database of luxury accessories with photos of your Prada bag.

Following the preliminary notice of compliance issued by the AI, our analysts verify the results.

Your certificate of conformity issued

In a few hours, you will receive a certificate of compliance or non-compliance motivated to assert your rights.

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Authenticate the conformity of your Prada bag with the artificial intelligence and the know-how of our analysts

Our team of analysts at your service
Authentifier analysts have extensive experience in the area of ​​compliance authentication for bags and luxury goods. With a sharp eye, they observe and analyze labels, seams and finishes to detect signs of conformity.
Our artificial intelligence laboratory
Our laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation integrates robust algorithms to analyze efficiently many luxury brands
Independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation

Prada customers trust us to authenticate the compliance of their luxury accessories

Expertise qui m'a confirmé que mon achat est malheureusement une contrefaçon. Merci, à l'avenir je passerai par vous avant le paiement.
Anne à Vitré (35500) France
Client PARTICULIER - Prada
Excellent service, rapide et efficace. Merci beaucoup
Maha à Le Caire (11571) Egypte
Client PARTICULIER - Prada
Tres bon service rien a dire je conseil a bientot
Alexandre à Arpajon (91290) France
Client PARTICULIER - Prada
Je tiens à remercier, car je peux désormais acheter une pièce authentique. La contrefaçon est un fléau. Alors merci à vous de nous aider à lutter contre celle-ci!
Bettina à MONTCENIS (71710) France
Client PARTICULIER - Prada
un autre sac..difficile a vendre parce que pas de facture ! une attestation qui authentifie ce sac et le tour est joué Que dire.... je les aimes !!!!!! sans eux je serais perdue ! mille merci !! Elfrida
elfrida à travesio-pordenone (33090) Italie
Client PARTICULIER - Prada

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Do you authenticate many Prada accessories?


Our analysts authenticate numerous Prada luxury items every week, including: Prada bags, shoes, jewelry, Prada sunglasses, wallets, headbands, belts, scarves, Prada hats and gloves.

How does your authentication system work for Prada luxury items purchased on Vinted, leboncoin, Vestiaire Collective or Facebook?


Regarding our conformity checker, your send us photos from various angles revealing the finishes, the signature and the seams of your purchase. With precision, artificial intelligence combined with human expertise will analyze these images and you will then receive a reasoned certificate of conformity.

Is it possible to verify the authenticity of the conformity of a second-hand Prada bag seen on an advertisement, if it is not in my hands?


The analysts of our laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation are trained to detect a counterfeit from an advertisement. The content of the ad, its relevance and the photos published by the advertiser are carefully scrutinized. You will very quickly receive a preliminary notice of compliance or non-compliance.

Then, the day you receive your package, send us photos of your luxury item and our analysts will issue a final opinion. If it is counterfeit, you will receive a certificate of non-compliance to support your refund request from PayPal. Conversely, you will receive a certificate of conformity authenticating your Prada bag.

How do I know if the Prada bag I bought is authentic?


If you didn't buy your Prada bag from a Prada luxury house or from the brand's official website, it can be difficult to tell if your Prada bag is genuine or a knockoff. Some fake bags look like two drops of water to authentic luxury items. Our team of analysts will be able to meet your expectations by verifying the authenticity of your second-hand Prada bag.

If I want to authenticate my second-hand Prada bag myself, can I do it?


Imitations are often so well made that it is sometimes impossible with the naked eye to detect a counterfeit of an authentic luxury item. In order to differentiate the original with certainty, we advise you to use professional verification services. Our Authentifier laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation verifies the authenticity of the conformity of several thousand bags and luxury items each year.